Thursday, July 29, 2010


This morning, at roughly 6am:

Me: Good morning Mama Cat. We are going to put you up for adoption, ok?
Mama Cat: Meow.
Me: We are going to put out a notice today that says, "FREE TO A GOOD HOME. OR EVEN A BAD HOME. REALLY, FREE TO ANY HOME AT ALL."
MC: Meow.
Me: And if that doesn't work, we may just move and leave you here for the new owners to deal with.
MC: Meow.
Me: Or, we might drive you out to the provincial bison park and drop you off to there to fend for yourself against the bison.
MC: Meow Meow
Me: Because bison probably don't care when you get up at 2am and decide to knock golf tees off the bedside table and then chase them around the room. Bison don't care... no they don't!
MC: Meow
Me: They might care when you attack their toes while they're sleeping though.
MC: Meow
Me: Sigh
Me: You're awfully cute, you know that?
MC: Meow.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blogging Update

Hi all!

So, after a brief bloggy break during which I put this blog away for a little while, I'm back! I was struggling to find things to blog about, but as soon as I put the blog away, a flood of topics came to mind. So we're back on the horse.

A couple of things have changed! You'll notice that I'm no longer blogging as Chorus, though the blog title remains the same. I've decided that I really don't have a reason to be anonymous in my blogging. So here I am! My name is Kathleen!

I've also started a new blog about food titled in water, in butter and in wine to add to Observed by Watching, my blog about sports. This blog here at I am Chorus will continue to be dedicated to the everyday life, the things that I see and experience and want to unpack a little bit.

Good to be back!