Friday, May 8, 2009

Updates, various...

  • I left my entire shoulder bag at home this morning. No wallet, no iPod, no phone, no nothing. I left the house with my lunch and my coffee. At least I have my priorities straight.
  • It's Friday, and that's nice. The sun is shining, which is also nice.
  • The house is listed and we are spreading the word. It's a lovely little house and I hope we find someone who loves her as much as we do soon.
  • Looking for a new house is much more fun than trying to sell the old house.
  • Singing with the local orchestra this weekend in a performance of Holst's Planets. The choral part consists of 16 bars of "aahing" from backstage in the final movement ("Neptune"). The orchestra is performing the work while projecting NASA images of the planets on a huge screen over the musicans. I found that my response to the images was actually pretty emotional, and I'm not sure why. Neat stuff.
And that's about it from here...


alexis said...

good luck selling the house soon! we sold our first house not long ago, and i was much more emotional about it than i thought i'd be, because i was so in love with that place.

also, the orchestral work sounds really cool!

Mandy said...

hope the performance went well!!