Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cat Scratch Fever

We bought some new furniture last week for our new living room, a beautiful buckskin couch and loveseat set from The Brick.

It took Mama Cat and Baby Cat about an hour to identify the new furniture as "scratchable material." We are determined... DETERMINED... to break them of this habit before they ruin these couches too.

To that end, we have purchased these.

They are, essentially, soft plastic shells that are adhered over top of the cats' claws. Apparently, they are safe, non-toxic and the cats won't notice them or care that they are there. We bought a red set for Mama Cat and a pink set for Baby Cat. They will look ridiculous, but they already look ridiculous, so this will be no big change. I will post pictures as soon as the Soft Claws arrive and as soon as we wrangle them on the unsuspecting kittehs.

We also bought them a scratching post.

So, we have employed both diversionary and preventative tactics today.



Towanda said...

The Cats are going to get us for inventing these someday. You realize this.

Diane said...

good luck with that! I've never been good at training cats!

had one that clawed the carpet on the stairs of the parsonage.

Julie said...

Hehehe...you said "defeated"..."de-feeted"...get it? :)

alexis said...

must see photos. if they work, i think this will be necessary in my house, too.