Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I just thought y'all should know that on Deceber 13th, Prairie City was the second coldest place... IN THE WORLD.




Which means that unless you were in Siberia, you best not be complainin' about how cold you were on December 13th.

Warmer now though...


Crimson Rambler said...

We definitely have the Complainin' Rights to Dec. 13/09, no question!

Maureen said...

eeek! That's cold.....tho actually I have no idea how cold that is....maybe if I spent an hour in a meat locker?

Hugs and warm blankets to you!

alexis said...

WOW. that is incredible!

Towanda said...

in the WORLD? yikes!

Sue said...

Ya. I heard about that from Son #1, though he seems quite immune from Teh Coldness.

He thought it was quite funny, even when I inquired about his hat and mitts and whether he was wearing them. What? So he's almost 30 - a mother has to ask these things! *grins*