Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In which Chorus puts a second-rate pro golfer in his place...

... because I have nothing better to do this morning.

Actually, that's a lie. I have lots of work to do, but this irritates me just enough to need to blog about it.

Here's the story.

So, even if Tripp Isenhour is telling the truth, and he didn't intend to hit the bird, and it was a complete fluke, and he was just trying to hit the tree, and the whole world is against him, and when he was a child he had to walk through 6 feet of snow uphill both ways to get to school, the situation still belies the question of why Tripp Isenhour doesn't realize that his actions still make him look like a jackass. Full stop.

Let's go over the highlights, shall we?

Tripp Isenhour was filming a golf instructional video. (Oooh, sign me up for two copies!)
A Protected Red-Shouldered Hawk was singing his little heart out to the world, because life was good and the sun was shining and he felt like he had lots to sing about.
Tripp Isenhour hit several golf balls in the direction of the hawk until he hit it, causing the bird's death.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that if Tripp Isenhour (and no, I hadn't heard of him either) thinks that the BIRD is what's causing problems with his golf game, he's slightly misdirected. As one commentator said, "The really sad thing about this situation is that it was possibly the first solid golf shot that Tripp Isenhour has hit in a long time."

Let me be honest; I like golf. WH is an avid golfer, and I've picked up the game in the last couple of years and really enjoy playing. But anytime I step on a golf course, I do so with the recognition that the land I'm playing on, and the birds and the gophers and the rabbits and the deer, WERE THERE FIRST. And to cause any distress to any of them for the sake of a ridiculous game makes a person just about as petty and small and STUPID as it's possible to be.



Crimson Rambler said...

Not only an idiot, but possibly one of those things that starts with an "F" as well?

Chorus said...

A fekker, you mean?

Chunklets said...

I think perhaps you pay him an unwarranted compliment by referring to him as "second-rate!" :)

Nice post!

Chunklets said...

Ooh, and thank you for the link!

Crimson Rambler said...

that would be it, yes