Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In which Chorus Tells a Story about a TV

As I think I've established before on this blog, my dearest husband falls on the Spender side of the spectrum, whereas Chorus would climb off the Saver end, were it possible. One of the lovely things (truly!) about our first year of marriage has been learning the pros and cons of the other's approach.

Now, a couple of years ago, the first of our friends to buy a very large television invited us over to watch a hockey game. Ever since that day, WH and I have been talking about buying a very large television. And I need to be clear that while WH may be the one driving this purchase, the very large television would not just be for him. Baseball looks awfully nice on a very large television with that HD stuff.

For various and sundry reasons, we have yet to buy the very large television, but WH is going away in a couple of weeks to adjudicate at a big music festival, and we agreed that the money he makes there we will put towards the very large television. In order to keep me from getting all hyperventilate-y about the cost of this endeavor, WH drew up a little budget for the whole project; this keeps the SURPRISE factor down to a minimum. Mostly I don't react well to expensive surprises. Because you don't just buy a TV, right? You buy receivers and cables and boxes and speakers and Blu Ray stuff and all kinds of other things about which I haven't the first clue.

So he did that for me, giving me the expensive options and the cheaper options and it all looks doable.

If I have it right, we want a 47-52 inch "LCD" very large television, and we need to get an HD thing and an HD audio thing, and some special cables or something. And we don't NEED one of the Blu Ray Whatchamacallits, but we might think about that later on.

Mostly what I want is a TV that I can turn on, turn off, watch movies on, record shows I'm missing etc., and I want all that to be INSTINCTIVE. I want to be able to do it myself. I want to be able to do all that without having to call him to do it for me. And I want to be able to do all that without crying.

Oh, and he wants something called a Wee??


ccw said...

I am on hubby's second need for a new big TV. The first was a gigantic widescreen HD. The new one is a gaint but slim HD, LCD tihng. I hated to spend the money but I will admit that 40 or 41" looks pretty darned good.

The playstation that cost way too much has taken over the need for a DVD player, etc. I like it much more than a Wii but the Wii is a much cheaper option.

Jan said...

We have a regular tv, but my eldest son has one of those big ones. They seem nice. I'm glad he took the "surprise" (shock?) out of it for you!

Diane said...

we have a bigscreen TV, but we hardly ever watch it. go figure. it's in the basement, which we thought was going to be this new great relaxing place for us, but has turned out to be a remodeled mess (stepson kind of lives there).

Shalom said...

My spouse had a giant TV when we were dating, and at first I thought to myself (in a very NPR sort of way), "I could never be with a buy who had a big-screen! Conspicuous consumption be damned!"

And then I watched movies on it, and I got hooked.

And then I was totally hooked, and then the big-screen died right before Christmas, so we 'had' to buy a new one (which I was as adamant about as spouse).

We don't have blu-ray, but ours is a 46" Samsung and it's fantastic. Do you have access to Consumer Reports? They have an issue on big TV's from last fall. Very helpful. Good luck!

Shalom said...

Sorry. That would be "guy," not "buy." (Freudian capitalist slip, I guess.)