Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Five: Grand Tour

Name five places that fall into the following categories:

1) Favorite Destination -- someplace you've visited once or often and would gladly go again

Italy! And I would gladly go again and again and again... There are so many things to see and so many wonderful things to EAT!

2) Unfavorite Destination -- someplace you wish you had never been (and why)

My husband and I were driving back from a weekend trip to another city in this province and we decided to stop for lunch at a town with a beautiful picturesque name... a name which unfortunately bore absolutely no resemblance to the town itself. The town should have been more accurately named Hole. And it didn't help that I eventually threw up the lunch we ate there.

3) Fantasy Destination -- someplace to visit if cost and/or time did not matter

I think that I would really love to do a tour of Africa.

4) Fictional Destination -- someplace from a book or movie or other art or media form you would love to visit, although it exists only in imagination

Middle-Earth, I think!

5) Funny Destination -- the funniest place name you've ever visited or want to visit.

This isn't so much funny as it is quaint, but there's a valley in Scotland called Rest and Be Thankful, and I always smile when I think of our stop there, because... well... we did, and we were!


Certified Healing Coach said...

Rest and Be Thankful--that sounds wonderful!

Can I stowaway when you take your next trip to Italy? :)

Where are you in Canada, I wonder. My partner lives there (at the moment).


DogBlogger said...

I hadn't heard of Rest and Be Thankful before! Sounds like a great place (although you never know 'til you get there).

Songbird said...

Love it, Rest and Be Thankful, indeed!

Diane said...

oh, Rest and be Thankful. How LOVELY. thanks for this.

Joan Calvin said...

Rest and Be Thankful. I have to go there!

Jan said...

Thanks for "rest and be thankful." I'm with you for going to Africa. I've only been to Zambia and would like to see more. It's just an awfully long trip to get there.

Diane said...

I tagged you for a meme over at my place