Saturday, May 31, 2008

Playing in the Dirt

Yesterday was delivery day for the topsoil that will help us re-grade the north side of our house, level off some divots throughout the yard, top up our gardens and fill our planters. We weren't given a delivery window, just told that it would be delivered some time during the day. We waited and waited and waited... Finally, at about 5:30, WH called the store and was told that it had already been delivered. Now, we had never seen 12 cubic yards of top soil before, but I'm pretty sure that we would have noticed had it been dropped in our yard. When WH relayed our fair certainty that, in fact, no top soil had been delivered, the company discovered that their relatively new driver had dropped the soil off at the wrong address. (Can you imagine being THAT homeowner??)

Eventually, a very large dumptruck pulled into the back alley and delivered a very large pile of top soil, and did so in plenty of time for us to be able to get the first layer down on the north patch, and to fill the flower beds, before the sun went down.

This morning, we went to the hardware store and bought grass seed, and some planters, and then to the farmer's market to buy some herbs for the planters. I think that tomorrow will be flower-purchasing day. This is the kind of work that we enjoy doing, and look forward to the day when the new soil is sprouting good grass.

Oh, and because the soil was late, the delivery company threw in an extra four yards... Anybody got planters they need filled??


Diane said...

please come and do our yard too. we're late, but at least we missed the hailstorm yesterday...

Chorus said...

We're a bit late too, at least with our flowers, but one step at a time!! And your plants will thank you for the hail-avoidance!!