Friday, July 11, 2008

Back to reality...

Reality being laundry, mostly, and work again on Monday...

But we had an amazing time, and accumulated many, many happy memories, including:
  • many wonderful animals at the San Francisco Zoo, including baby tigers playing together;
  • going to a Giants/Cubs game at San Fran's beautiful new ball park;
  • Alcatraz, which was very powerful to see up close, and hear an award winning audio tour of the cell block, narrated by former prisoners and guards;
  • Pier 39 with it's many beautiful and unique shops and restaurants, where we saw celebrations of July 4th;
  • City Lights Bookstore, where I bought a copy of "Howl"
  • The San Francisco Farmer's Market in the Ferry Terminal - a most amazing gathering of wonderful food and drink;
  • The Golden Gate Bridge, which we wouldn't have seen except for one beautiful clear afternoon;
  • Our rental convertible, which we drove to Sonoma for our trek, and then back to San Francisco via the coastal highway;
  • Incredible trekking through Sonoma valley - this really is the best way to see the California countryside;
  • tasting, talking and learning considerably more about wine than we did before, and meeting many humble and kind people who were eager to share their gift for wine-making;
  • Twelve beautiful bottles of California wine brought back across the border to be the start of our wine cellar.

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Julie said...

I've only been to SF once and it is officially my favorite vacation. Glad you had a good time and made some good memories!