Monday, June 30, 2008

Two Interesting Incidents

WH and I had to go in to the police station this afternoon to get a security check for him for a new position he's starting next year. Ahead of us in line at the station was an elderly couple who had come in to report an email-related fraud. It was an interesting conversation between the police officer and the gentleman, who was certain that there might be a reason for him to answer junk emails that promised him money. And the cop wouldn't let him leave without a stern lecture about answering this kind of mail. "Sir, there is no reason for these people to email you unless they think they can get money out of you. Nobody has ever emailed anybody promising free money and it not been a fraud. Please, please, PLEASE, stop answering these emails. Just stop. Because I don't want to have to write up the report when you've lost your life savings and your house. Just stop."

And the gentleman said, "Funny how you know something that I don't..."

Even when the conversation was over, you could tell that the old man didn't perfectly believe the officer, and that in all likelihood, more money would be lost before the lesson was learned.

Later this afternoon, we headed off to the local Science Centre to view the controversial Body Works exhibit, featuring plasticized real human cadavers and body parts. The exhibit was a fascinating combination of science and art, and was very moving. If the exhibit comes to your town or city, I recommend taking it in!

And tomorrow, we're off to California, so I'm on a bloggy break now! See you all in a couple of weeks!


Jan said...

Safe travels. Have fun!

ccw said...

Poor man, you're probably right about this not being the last time he loses money.

The Bodies are here in Cincy until September and I am looking forward to all of us going.

Have a safe and very fun trip!

Identity Mixed said...

We missed the bodies last time they were near us. We need to find babysitters so we can go! What a great date! :)

more cows than people said...

you and i are in no. ca. at the same time! sorry i've been behind on my blog reading and didn't realize it!

hope your visit is/was grand.

Sue said...

Traveling mercies to you both.