Monday, June 9, 2008

Birds! and Garden!

I managed to get up this morning with enough spare time to get my new hummingbird feeder filled and hung in the backyard. It is my hope to be able to attract a pair to our backyard, but we'll see.

Our other bird feeder, hung last weekend, has been immensely popular with the various types of little brown birds that live around the place, as well as our blue jay. He is a little bit too large for the feeder, and you can always tell when he's been there because the feeder swings back and forth wildly. Usually, he can be found on the ground below, picking up what he's spilled. This feeder hangs outside our dining room window, and the chairs around the table provide a perfect viewing point for Mama Cat and Baby Cat to watch the comings and goings around the seeds.

The garden is coming along not too badly. We have had a couple of plants that have expired already, and will need to be replaced, but most everything else is growing exponentially. I need to start keeping track of what we plant successfully and what we don't, so that we can build on that success in future years. Our herbs are already taking over, and we badly need to cut some of it down before we're overrun with thyme. Anybody got any good tips about drying herbs at home?


Jan said...

It's lovely to imagine your garden.

Chorus said...

Thanks Jan!