Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Week in Point Form

  • WH is away this week at Big Choral Conference where the corn grows high. Having a good time, and buying music and schmoozing. It is +30C where WH is this week, whereas I could not find our front walk this morning because of a massive dump of snow and subsequent wind. Not. Amused.
  • Chamber Choir has a big concert next Saturday that is being recorded both for a radio broadcast and for a CD project. Lots of work to get last minute details ready for the concert, get last tickets sold, learn those last few notes, and make sure enough volunteers have been secured for front of house.
  • I'm feeling somewhat guilty that I did not shovel the aforementioned buried sidewalk before I left this morning. Poor mailman.
  • I'm currently in the midst of the massive post-renovation clean-up, which requires that every. single. surface. in. the. house. get dusted. Last night was the dining room, including all the knick-knacks on the mantle, and the books in the bookcase, and the intricate nooks and crannies on our dining room table.
  • I think that our hardwood is going to need to be swept (the old fashioned way) and then vacuumed and then swiffered and then mopped before it looks semi-normal again.
  • I think the cats are tired of being dusty.

1 comment:

Towanda said...

that first point reminds me of when i was 8 and we had a massive ice storm in SE Arkansas that left the town without power for a week.

Daddy was at a music educator's conference in Ft. Lauderdale...

We've never really let him live that down...