Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On Bakeries

At The Wee House, we were sadly bereft of a good local bakery. There was a bakery at the local chain grocery store but never once in the two and a half years that we lived there did I have a good experience at that bakery. There was the time that the woman working on the other side of the counter (about 3 feet from me) just kept working and pretended I wasn't there. There was the time that the two employees argued about which one of them had to serve me. There was the time that they dropped my desserts on the floor... It was a sad, sad place.

And I'd like my bakery to be a happy place.

WH and I were out for one of our exploratory walks in the neighbourhood surrounding one-oh-six the other day and came across an actual honest-to-goodness, up-at-5am-baking-for-the-community, not-cakes-and-cupcakes-but-actually-bread, BAKERY.

The bakery was closed at the time of our first discovery, but we were up like a shot the following Saturday morning and headed in its direction. One cinnamon bun and one chocolate croissant later, we have found a new Saturday morning routine: a lovely walk followed by delicious fresh breakfast. Sunday morning I ventured that way again to find some beautiful rolls for family dinner.

To top it all off, the customer service at this little local bakery is stellar; they are friendly, warm and kind people.

And we feel profoundly welcomed and very, very happy.


Maureen said...


We have a local bakery/sandwich shop/gift shop and they are wonderful people...honest...but they make THE WORST bread on the planet! The sourdough bread tastes like lemon juice, it literally tastes SOUR....ick. The only decent bread they have is for the sandwiches they serve and they don't sell it as loaves (they're probably buying it at Costco:)

I envy you!!!

alexis said...

that sounds absolutely wonderful. there is nothing like a good neighborhood bakery. haven't had one since i was a kid, but i haven't given up the dream yet.


Julie said...

Score! :)

My verification word is "chippr" -HA!