Friday, July 24, 2009

On the Rights of Animals

People who are close to me will tell you that I am an animal lover, so much so that I'm not allowed to read stories about animal abuse anymore because of how deeply I am distressed by them.

I saw this today, and thought it just perfectly summarized the way that I feel about animals.
  1. Animals have the right to have their lives cherished and protected.
  2. Animals have the right to social integration.
  3. Animals have a right to a fair share of public resources.
  4. Animals have the right to be treated humanely.
  5. Animals have the right to act like Animals.


alexis said...

i agree with you 100%. our household is all about loving and respecting animals. perfect!

Sue said...


Chunklets said...

That is such a lovely picture! (and I very much agree with the sentiments)

Chorus said...

Thanks Chunklets! It was taken some time ago, on the day that Baby Cat fell in the toilet. She was in need of some serious cuddling from her Mama, who seemed happy to oblige, providing this photo op!