Friday, October 9, 2009

Chilly and Chili

It's been a weird fall here in Prairie Hamlet.

Two weeks ago, it was +30C (86F for my American chums) and today it is -7C (20F) and there is the first dusting of snow on the ground. And WIND.

Because it was so hot so late in September, the leaves haven't really turned, and because the leaves haven't turned, they haven't fallen off. Until the last couple of days when, still green, they froze and dropped.

So it feels a little bit like we haven't had any autumn at all, that we've just skipped it. And I like autumn, not only because it can be so beautiful, but mostly because it's my opportunity to get the crankiness about the cold out of the way before the first flakes fall. Ah well.

Tomorrow is our annual hockey pool day, complete with traditional chili. We have some cleaning and tidying to do in the morning, and then the folks will arrive early in the afternoon and start picking teams at about 3pm.

And then Sunday is Canadian Thanksgiving!! So the turkey is thawing in the fridge and we got the rest of the grocery shopping done this evening. It's my first turkey here in the new house, and I'm looking forward to cooking it in a kitchen that's got great counter space! YAY!


Jan said...

It's nice to hear about Canada, since I have a second cousin living in Calgary--she's the one I visited a year ago. That cold front of yours was strong enough to sweep through south TX and bring us welcome cooler weather.

alexis said...

wow. here i was thinking it was chilly in the '50s. i will stop thinking that post haste.

hope your thanksgiving was wonderful!

Sue said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!