Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Combatives Room

I was rushing through the Faculty of Physical Education at Colourful University the other day and came across The Combatives Room.

Immediately, my mind goes to what I think a Combatives Room should be for. I should be able to take whatever issue, person, situation or conflict that is causing me grief into The Combatives Room, beat it into submission and come out with resolution. Yeah!

Miscommunication with coworkers? Combatives Room!
Get in there, people who don't show up for choir rehearsal!

Doesn't that sound ideal?

Anyway, turns out that the room is for teaching karate and judo and other combative sports. I GUESS that makes sense.

But I think think my idea is more useful.


Shalom said...

I would LOVE the Combatives room you described. I would turn one of our spare bedrooms into that, except that the damage level might get too severe. :)

Crimson Rambler said...

ka pow ka pow ka pow...there, aaah, much better now.

Sue said...

I think every church needs a combatives room. I think a lot of meetings would be more productive if people could work out their own "stuff" in the combatives room. Hmmmm...