Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vegas, Baby!

Last week, I went to Las Vegas with my best friend and her sister for a girls' weekend!  We had a lovely time, and saw a lot of amazing things and spent a fair amount of money! Here are a few scattered thoughts:
  • We went to see Ka, the Cirque de Soleil show at the MGM Grand.  Oh, my friends, if you have the opportunity to see this one, you absolutely must.  I actually had a visseral reaction to all the amazing acrobatic work and the jaw-dropping technical aspects of the show.  The experience is simply astonishing.
  • The combination of St. Patrick's Day, March Madness and Spring Break create quite an insane atmosphere on the strip.  Whee!
  • I bought a red hat and red shoes.
  • I don't think we paid full price for anything that we bought because there are so many coupon books and special deals available.  Along that same theme, three words: Premium. Outlet. Mall.
  • I saw at least four Elvises. (Elvi?)
  • We ate at a Wolfgang Puck restaurant.  It was yummy. We also ate tapas. The tapas was also yummy.  
  • I did not purchase a yardstick plastic drinking vessel that requires a lanyard to be carried. Aren't you proud?
  • We put a tasteful quantity of money into slot machines while we were there and had fun losing all of it.  At one point, we were up $20...  but not at the end point.
  • There were a lot of young women on the strip wearing mini-dresses that didn't fit them properly and ridiculous shoes.  I wore capri pants and comfy shoes and was happy.

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Crimson Rambler said...

sounds like the perfect stay in Vegas!
word verificaton is "barks." Make of that what you will.