Friday, June 3, 2011

Hey look!

It's a blog! Fancy that...

Anyhoo, WH is away for the next couple of weeks examining piano exams, bless his heart, so Chorus is on her own. Of course, I have Mama Cat and Baby Cat, who, somewhat inexplicably, take up the same amount of space on the bed as WH, including his portion of covers.  I actually woke up at one point last night, sat up, looked at them both and said, "Seriously??" They didn't seem embarassed.

Here we are in June and the weather has been beautiful for the last couple of weeks, but tonight there is a frost warning and a chance of snow.  Harumph.  I have brought the potted annuals inside and covered the tomatoes and the herbs with pillow cases and that will have to do.

We have had an exciting spring in the garden here at one-oh-six, spending the equivalent of two car payments on perennials for the new garden that WH built me last year.  We have this new obsession with hostas; it's quite cute.  We also bought 5 trees and as soon as WH is back from his adventure, the trees will go into the ground.

I hope that you're all doing well!

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