Sunday, June 12, 2011

This weekend

We are nearing the end of WH's latest examining trip to Closeby Province and I am very, very ready for him to come home.  After he's home, the only travel in our near future involves both of us, together, and I can't wait for that.

Fortunately, I have good friends taking care of me while he is away.  Yesterday, I went to two baseball games in which the son of our friends, J and D, was playing.  LittleJ is five and just about the cutest thing you've ever seen (trust me), and I had a wonderful time watching him play. It's amazing at that age, you know, because from the beginning of the first game to the end of the second game, I could almost SEE him learning things and then applying them.  They have a great format in Prairie Hamlet's league; they play two innings, all the kids get to bat each inning, half the kids play in the field each inning and the other half go out into the outfield and practice their batting.  The kids get four swings at pitches thrown by a machine, and then they get to hit off the tee.  So it's a great balance between ensuring that all of the kids have a positive experience while still learning the skills of the game. 

Too much fun, and it was a beautiful day, and this morning I can see all of the places where I missed the sunscreen.

Last night, I attended Prairie City's high school theatre awards and was thoroughly inspired by the quality of young talent that was on display.  Our friend D, father of the baseball pro mentioned above, is a drama teacher in Prairie Hamlet, and his students' December production of a Christmas Carol was many times nominated.  And, in the end, were the successful winners of the awards for best set design, best costumes, best featured actor (for the young man who played Jacob Marley) and best lead actor (for Scrooge).   It was a great thing to witness!

I'm having a quiet morning today, still in bed at 11am sipping my coffee with Mama Cat asleep under the covers, purring so loudly that she's actually vocalizing.  Also pushing laundry, so it's not totally lazy.  This afternoon is a Princess-themed birthday party for J and D's daughter, S, so I guess I have some wrapping to do.  And I just heard the dryer buzz, so I should move things along in that direction too.

Hope you're having a relaxing weekend!

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