Thursday, August 23, 2012


It's astonishing how quickly maternity leave is flying by.  Miss A is already a shocking five months old!  WH, A and I have spent a really delightful summer together, including a little bit of travel, some great visits with family near and far and beautiful weather! 

September now approaches and the name of the game will be routine and making the very best use of my time!

To that end, here's what's been on my mind:
  • More cooking, better eating! 
  • No "background" TV
  • Quality time with my husband and good quality time at that.
  • Quality time with our daughter and good quality time at that.
  • A potential basement renovation to make the most productive and fulfilling use of the space that we own.
  • Eliminating extraneous "noise" around us.
  • Quality time with extended family and friends and good quality time at that. 
  • Being just a little bit more thoughtful and a little bit less reactive all the time. 
  • Teamwork. 

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