Thursday, September 6, 2012

Randoms on Motherhood

Just a few random smattering of thoughts from the first (almost) six months of A's life:
  • While there was a great deal about her challenging beginning that was  difficult for WH and me, there was much about the experience that was positive.  We got so much wonderful care and tremendous coaching from the nurses in the NICU, all of which provided us with a wonderful start when we finally got to bring her home.  
  • She's a wonderful sleeper (knock on wood) and that is a relief to me.
  • There is nothing quite so empowering as discovering that she is growing! 
  • I have a New Mom's Group here in Prairie Hamlet that is run by the local health centre.  Nurses come each week and give a lecture and answer questions on a variety of topics, including growth, development, teething, sleep, nutrition, local resources, injury prevention, etc.  Judging by the questions asked in the first couple of sessions, if all the classes were called "Eating and Sleeing cont.," we'd all be happy.  I'm also amused by how many of the questions are phrased as follows: "My baby does X; is that normal?"  Commonality of experience is comforting. 
  • There is nothing quite so humbling as being thrown up on. 
  • God Bless You, Mr. Jolly Jumper. God Bless You. 
  • I've been interested by how one redefines success as a mother.  Coffee, a shower and breakfast?  That's a successful day. 
  • The cats have been totally ambivalent to the new family member.  She, on the other hand, is now very interested in them! 
  • She is very alert and spends lots of time simply looking around and taking in the world.  For this reason, I'm excited to start her on solid food, to get to be a part of all the new experiences that entails.  I recognize that they won't all be easy or enjoyable experiences, but I'm glad that we get to witness them! 
  • We took her camping this weekend and she loved it.  The temperature dropped to about 8C at night and with all her various bundlings, she was a complete champion. 
  • She is, quite simply, the niftiest thing I have ever come across.

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