Friday, September 14, 2012

Random Friday Five

Today's Friday Five from the RevGals is random!

1. What is one of the best things that happened to you this week?

We started Miss A. on solid food! It's so exciting to have the opportunity to introduce herself to the world of food!  So far, that world only includes rice cereal but she seems to like it!

2. If you were in a Ms. Canada Pageant, what would your talent be?

Sending a clear, elegant and grammatically correct email.

3.  You were just given a YACHT!!! What would you name it, and why?

I always liked the name Kelly and I think that The Kelly is a kind of an elegant name for a boat.

4.  If you were to perform in a circus, what would you do?

I think that I would like to be the lady riding on the elephant.
5.  What do you have in your bag/wallet/backpack that best describes your personality? 

Given that my bag is currently full of diapers, I'm not even going to go there...


river song said...

"Kelly" is a great name for any person, pet, or boat and surprisingly(?) there have been quite a few elephant riders today... fun play and I'm happy to meet you!

altar ego said...

Another elephant rider! I think we have a group effort in the works.

Love the grammatically correct email. Genius, and a rarer talent than we all might like.

Enjoyed your play.

revkjarla said...

There are a lot of elephant riders in the RevGal Friday Fivers! Fun play, and thanks!