Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Irrationally Excited

Dudes! I'm irrationally excited about something!

We are about to embark, probably, on finishing our basement.  And I am quite excited, if a little bit nervous, about that project.  I think that excitement is perfectly rational. 

But in the process of scanning what the basement clean up project would be like before we start the renovation, my eyes fell on a very simple wooden table.  I think that WH had used it as a bedside table in his old apartment but it's been in the basement since we moved here.  It's about 2' x 2' and not very tall... about the height of a couch end table.  And I thought... and here comes the irrational excitement... THAT WOULD MAKE A PERFECT PLAY TABLE FOR OUR DAUGHTER!

My intention will be to sand it down, paint it some spectacular bright colour, stencil her name on it and some flowers or something and then cover it in a lacquer or varnish to make it easy to clean.  And then buy a couple of wee chairs to go with it! 


Carry on... 

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