Sunday, November 2, 2008

Quick Check In

Hi all!

I'm in City with Lots of Roses, and things are going well so far! We had good travel experiences on both flights here (with the exception of a little bit of turbulence) and have spent our first day here getting familiar with the downtown and doing a little bit of shopping. I finally found the black cardigan I've been looking for all these months!

The hotel is just fine, and all the conference events are right in the hotel, so I never have far to go. I went to the pre-conference workshop today, and that was valuable, if not as interactive as I would have liked. I'm just about to head downstairs to the opening speaker and reception, and then the conference kicks off in earnest tomorrow morning!

Take care, all!



Julie said...

Glad you had a safe trip. Have fun!

ccw said...

So glad you arrived safely. I hope things pick up and you have a great time!

Crimson Rambler said...

don't forget the Humungous 2nd Hand Bookstore (starts with a "P") trusty assistant recommends it!

Jan said...

Have fun! I'm envious about that gigantic book store you get to visit. I wish, I wish. . . .My youngest got lost in there once when she was only 8.

Mandy said...

ok, I'll admit it .. I had no idea WHAT city you have been talking about ... I just googled it ... !!!