Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Wednesday evenings are my evenings at home on my own. WH is in rehearsal tonight, but when he's not rehearsing, Wednesdays are his curling night. (If you're not familiar with curling, read here. Curling is awesome.)

Because I'm in rehearsals most other nights during the work week, Wednesdays are my night to get business manager work done for Chamber Choir, get caught up on house work, cook a nice dinner, cuddle with the kittehs, knit, cross-stitch, chat with friends, play Word Twist etc.

And it's my night to watch crime shows on TV! Well, actually, first I often watch America's Next Top Model, although lately, I've found that the show has gone from Endearing-Stupid to just Stupid-Stupid, so I've stopped seeking it out. But I have started watching Criminal Minds again, as well as CSI NY. I'm especially fond of Criminal Minds, if I can get past the fear factor.

So now I'm going to get back to it!


Mandy said...

did I know you knit too???

I was excited to watch the new Top Chef last night ... of course AFTER Eric watched his beloved Mythbusters;)

Chorus said...

I've just started knitting again after a long hiatus... we'll see if I keep it up!

I love Top Chef, but we don't get the channel to watch the new episodes. The come by on a different channel in a few months.