Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Monday

I have been a neglectful blogging friend this week, in terms of both my own posting and commenting on others. Now that Holy Week is over, I'll hopefully have more time.

Speaking of HW, the music was glorious, the services were poignant and meaningful and there was good will and community in evidence at every turn within the church choir. Easter feeds my musical soul.

We stayed in bed this morning until almost noon, watching useless TV and chatting about things we need to do this week and teasing the cats and eating nice breakfast and drinking good coffee. Then we were off to the local Do-It-Yourself-Store to pick up some tile samples for the kitchen and some paint for our afternoon project of getting all the paint-touch ups in the house complete. And we managed to do it!

We did have some excitement today when Mama Cat sauntered through the paint tray and then left about two-dozen paw-shaped paint spots all over the hardwood floor. Fortunately, we were able to get our hands on her and get her belly and paws scrubbed (which she was remarkably amenable to). Doubly fortunate, all the spots on the floor were fresh enough to come up with a cloth. Triply fortunate, she didn't jump up on the bed while she was on her little paint-covered journey. Currently, she is asleep on WH, with paint still visible on her whiskers. I think she's tuckered out from her adventure.

We're off to rehearsal with Chamber Choir in about an hour, so taking advantage of the meantime to watch a little Jays action.

And spring has sprung in Prairie Town!
Tuesday Morning Update: It is snowing and blowing and generally ugly. Stupid Prairie City.


ccw said...

Sounds like you were able to relax and get a lot accomplished.

The kitty story is hysterical! Glad you were able to get both the kitty and the floor clean.

Crimson Rambler said...

THE LAND GOD GAVE TO CAIN. You heard it here.

Chunklets said...

Ahh, Mama Cat... Although I might have been tempted to leave the paw prints as a conversation piece! :)

Julie said...

Easter music is one of my most favorites, too. I'm glad you and WH were able to have some time together and get things done around the house after such a busy week. That story about Mama Cat is hilarious! :)

Jan said...

Sorry about more snow.