Tuesday, April 28, 2009

She's Ready!

The Wee House is ready to sell.

We have cleaned and painted and patched and tidied and arranged until we could do no more; she's ready to sell.

She'll be formally listed by the end of the week; in the meantime, we are letting friends and acquaintances know and are having a little pre-listing open house tomorrow night for anybody who wants to stop by.

She's a beautiful, wonderful little house and I hope that somebody else sees that too!


Towanda said...

are you taking the bathtub??

Mandy said...

yay .. good luck! cant wait to hear how it goes!! love the idea of a pre-listing open house!!

Sue said...

I hope it sells quickly for you, especially after all that work! It was a lovely home to start with and is even more so now with all of your handiwork!