Friday, April 3, 2009

Things I'm learning...

... about myself as I grow older, and hopefully a little bit wiser each day.
  • The fact that I didn't ask for the advice doesn't mean I shouldn't take it.
  • The term "mind your own business" takes on a whole new depth of meaning in adulthood. I have found few things more exhausting than trying to compare myself to other people.
  • In many inescapable ways, I am who my parents are. But in other ways, I am definitely not. And you know, both are ok.
  • I think that humans are very instinctive creatures and that we know a lot about what's best for ourselves instinctively. But I also think that we can be remarkable close-minded to the concept that our instincts might be wrong. And that if we spend a lot of time getting defensive over what has been a largely instinctive decision, it might be worthwhile giving the decision a second look.
  • It's not enough to make a decision based on careful weighing of pros and cons. I have to have given some thought to how to deal with the cons, which don't go away just because I made the decision.
  • The people who love me will continue to love me even if I change my mind about something that I was formerly adamant about.
  • There is really nothing wrong with not knowing what to do and asking somebody else who does.
I thought if I wrote these all down in my blog, it would help me remember them. :)


Choralgirl said...

:-) With ya, Sister. Wiiiise you are!

Crimson Rambler said...

the point about the cons not going away...very well taken, and not well enough or widely enough understood!!!

Julie said...

Great list...I especially like the point you make about being both the same and different from your parents. I feel the same way.