Friday, January 9, 2009

Say what, now?

Conversation in the dining room tonight:

Chorus: Honey, we haven't really done a very good job at keeping the cats from clawing the couches.

WH: Yeah, we've kinda given up the goat on that one.

Chorus: I beg your pardon?

WH: What? We've given up the goat.

Chorus: The goat?? I think you mean ghost.

WH: No, goat. Goats are more tangible than ghosts. It's a family expression.

We do have fun together, him and I.


Julie said...


Crimson Rambler said...

wonderful. Now I know what happens when somebody 'gets my goat' -- it's because I've 'given up the goat'...

Jan said...


Sue said...

We have a lot of family sayings too, but none include goats. Must be a western thing....:)