Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Five: Home Decor Edition

Will Smama over at the Revgals is in the middle of her first home purchase, and invites us this morning to think about renovating and decorating in the Friday Five!

1) If you could, what room in the place you are currently living would you redo first?

BATHROOM! We only have one and it has a funny lay out and some weird paint colours. I'd like to redo it in the classic early 20th century style, with light colours and a black and white checkered floor.

2) What is the most hideous feature/color/decor item you have ever seen in a home?

When we moved into the Wee House, the living and dining room were painted a very dark orange colour. It was so harsh that it actually affected our mood. When we got the first coat of primer on, we both felt much less angry. Also, the bedrooms were goosesh*t yellow.

3) What feature do you most covet? Do you have it? If not, is it within reach?

I would love to have a walk-in closet that would afford me the space to build and grow the kind of classic wardrobe that I want to have. This won't happen in our current house, but is likely to happen if we move this summer! Yay!

4) Your kitchen - love it or hate it? Why?

LOVE IT. We renovated our kitchen a little more than a year ago, and I love it even more every day. We added counter and cupboard space (lots!), we put in an over-the-stove microwave, we painted a beautiful dark rich red colour and we put in a dishwasher. I think it's beautiful.

5) Here is $10,000 and you HAVE to spend it on the place you are living now. What do you do?

See above, re: bathroom.


Sally said...

I like the dream of a closet that allows you to build a classic wardrobe, if you get one enjoy it :-)

Teri said...

it's so amazing how colors affect our moods, isn't it?

I love the idea of the classic bathroom with the black and white tile!

Julie said...

I love the black and white tile, too. But I'm more interested in a potential move this summer?! Yay! :)

Chunklets said...

Oooh, I remember the orangy colour. It was truly something else!

And, speaking of colours, my verification word seems to be "redism."

Gord said...

Dark orange and goosedung yellow....ewwwwwwwwww

Maureen said...

I SO want to see a photo of your kitchen....sounds wonderful!

CouponAlbum said...

Interesting post!! Love to know about your home decoration!! It's amazing!!