Monday, February 2, 2009

In Typical Monday Fashion...

... I dropped my coffee this morning getting out of the car in the parkade.

My travel mug broke, and my poor coffee ran down the concrete in a very distressing and dramatic fashion.

WH offered to give me his coffee, proving once again that he is seriously worth keeping.

I declined the offer and bought myself a cup from the student association coffee place on my way into the office.

Rating of the coffee I make at home on a scale of 1 (drain cleaner) to 10 (ground from the hands of Juan Valdez himself) = 9.5
Rating of the coffee made by the student association coffee place on the same scale as above = 6

I am feeling somewhat more sorry for myself about this than is reasonable, and dwelling on it also more than is reasonable.

Never mind, I'll get over it eventually.

Good football game yesterday, eh?


I'm Still Me said...

A bad cup of coffee can absolutely do that when a better cup of coffee was expected! I've been there many times.

Chunklets said...

You haven't lived until you've been forced to down a mug of reheated instant coffee!

Mmmm-hmmm... :)

Julie said...

Bad coffee for the coffee drinker is like diet pepsi for the diet coke drinker...always a disappointment. Hope today's coffee was better! :)