Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Picture Meme

I got this meme from Jan at Yearning for God! Here are the rules!

1. Grab the nearest book - no matter what it is. Textbook, novel, pop-up book, building code study guide, whatever.
2. Turn to page 25.
3. Read the 10th word on that page, or the following if that one is blank.
4. Type that word into Google Image search.
5. Post the third image.

So the book is John Saul's The Right Hand of Evil and the word is You. Oddly enough, this is the third image:
This was fun! Play if you'd like to!


Maureen said...
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Maureen said...

I am SO doing this!

Of course our computer is on the fritz (again) and I can only post comments from our sons laptop for now, but as soon as we are up and running....

Chunklets said...

Oh, this is fun! The nearest book to hand at the moment is Tacitus' Agricola, Germania, et Dialogus, and page 25 has only six words on it, so it's off to page 26, where the tenth word is "moresque." Here's the image!: