Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Trader Tuesday: Jelly Beans

This is a perfect recipe when you have loads to do at work, you're tired and your email is out of control.

Dig through purse until you find the elusive $2 that you know is hiding at the bottom. Celebrate finding the $2 an inappropriate amount.

Leave your office without a coat and dash across to the student association building next door. Proceed to student association mini-mart.

Find the rack in the mini-mart that contains all of the bags of candy.

Locate Jelly Beans.

Take Jelly Beans to the front counter and give awkward undergraduate clerk your $2.

Return to office with Jelly Beans.

Relish them.


Chunklets said...

Sounds like a fine recipe to me!

Julie said...

Yum. What's your favorite jelly bean flavor? I like lemon. :)