Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Choir Sections Part 2

Ah baritones... sweet baritones.

Baritones are one of the 'tween sections of the choir; that is those sections that are kind of like another section, but not always.

Baritones are KINDA like basses, but not always. In general, in four-part music, baritones sing with the basses. And that's fine, but baritones like divided music especially because unlike the basses, baritones like the upper register. Technically, it sits more easily in their voices than it does for basses. Being able to carry the upper range also sows the seed in the hearts of some baritones that maybe, just maybe, they might be asked to be a tenor someday.

Predictably, Baritones are resistant to very, very low repertoire. Baritones perceive a bass's love of the very low range as showing off.

Some baritones are former tenors, and they carry a certain sadness with them of what once was. These baritones can almost always identify a second tenor that they think should have been moved to the baritone section before they were.

Baritone sections as a whole tend to be younger than bass sections.

Baritones think that basses talk too much in rehearsal.

In my experience, baritones don't have the same kind of gruff exterior as the basses, but tend more towards outward displays of kindness, genuine interest and laughter.

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