Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some blog changes

So, friends, I've started a new blog. Don't worry, I'm not leaving this one. This will still be the place where I write about life, marriage, food, work, music, the weather, Prairie City, things that bug me, things that don't bug me, family, wine, the kittehs, stuff that makes me laugh and the world we live in.

But I've started a new blog to write about sports. I want to write more about sports because it's an activity that I really enjoy, but I don't want to stop writing, or write less, about the other things going on in my life. Hence the new venue!

So the new blog is here: Check it out, if you're interested! I've kicked it off by cross-posting what I wrote this morning about our friend Phil.


Kathryn said...

Chorus, I fear I won't be visiting your new blog as I'm about as unexcited by sport as it's possible to be...though I do hope you have fun there and some more inspired commentators than Muggins! However, the blog title reminded me of when my youngest was very small and much given to trying to help with assorted adult tasks. Fine if it was me doing some housework. Potentially disasterous if it was his father mending clocks. So we coined the phrase
"help by watching"...which occasionally because, in his mouth, "Watch by helping". It's still a family catch phrase today.
Was Mrs X at the church spring cleaning? Y, she was helping by watching...
Have fun!

Chorus said...

Thanks for your comment Kathryn and a great story! I took the title from a Yogi Berra quotation, which seemed appropriate for the blog's purpose.