Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Incoming Joy!

Wonderful husband and I are in the middle of a kitchen renovation. We have torn out old cabinets, installed some drywall to repair old plaster damage, primed, painted (red!), cleaned, moved appliances, re-wired, re-plumbed etc. The cabinet makers are hard at work trying to get our new cabinets level... this is especially challenging in an 83 year old house with plenty of uneven bits (they add character). WH is at home supervising, engaging the contractor in interesting conversation (contractor was a choir-boy; he and WH have much in common!), and keeping the cats out of the new cabinets as much as possible.

All this means that in a few short days, I will get to PUT THINGS AWAY IN THE KITCHEN EXACTLY WHERE I WANT THEM IN A SYSTEM THAT MAKES SENSE ONLY TO ME!! This is one of the great joys, for me, of having a kitchen. Where will things go? How many things can I fit and still have them accessible? What beautiful things will go behind the new glass doors? Oh, the intrigue, the excitement! A chance to re-alphabetize the spice rack!! Huzzah!!!! I am, actually, really, truly, giddy. I love organizing a kitchen. And now, with more cabinet space, more counter-top real estate, deeper drawers.... this will be great fun!

Now, Wonderful Husband, who does a fair amount, if not most of the cooking in the household, knows that I feel this way about kitchen re-organizing. He has said, wisely, "Babe, you do whatever you like. I might have a few IDEAS, mind you, but you do whatever you like." And that's why I love him, folks!!

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