Thursday, October 18, 2007


The Greek chorus is storyteller, commentator, actor and reactor. This blog is my venue for telling my story and commenting on the world around me as both an active participant and an observor.

I am a twenty-something university administrator in Prairie City, Canada, with an undergraduate degree in English and hopes to pursue a Masters in the near future. This last summer, I married a man with whom I have barely-containable excitement at the prospect of spending the rest of my life. We life in a teeny-tiny house built in 1924 in a beautiful neighbourhood overhung with elm trees. I drive a little red sporty car, whose name is Flora. Wonderful Husband and I have two cats, who occupy more of our time and energy and concern than they probably should, but who make up for it by loving us unconditionally. Wonderful Husband is a professional classical musician, and I say "classical" because I have found that the reaction from others to "my husband is a musician" is too often immediate assumption that he must have long greasy hair and play the guitar. To be more specific, Wonderful Husband is a choral conductor. I often find myself in the choirs that he conducts, tucked somewhere comfortable in the alto section. Choral Music is a very very large part of our lives.

I am employed by the city's major post-secondary institution as a special projects administrator, and I love my work. I hope to continue moving up in the world of post-secondary administration. But I also hope to have children and build my dream home and travel the world and run 10km and own a dog... so right now I'm open to all possibilities.

And oh yes, I'm obsessed with baseball.