Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Today I am Thankful for...

Every once and a while I want to dedicate a blog post to the things that I'm thankful for on that day. It's an exercise I'm trying to be conscious about, because it's too easy to forget and get wallowing around in the things I'm decidedly NOT thankful for.

So today, I'm thankful for the following:
1) An evening at home that I can dedicate to working on my house, and to giving out candy to the little ones on our street.
2) The benefits provided to my by my employer, which are going to pay for WH's orthopedics.
3) For chips and various kinds of dip (especially guacamole).

There now.

1 comment:

Crimson Rambler said...

and some of us, more than you know, are thankful for YOU...snif!