Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Blessed Beagle

I confess. I LOVE the Westminster Dog Show. All those beautiful dogs, who always look to me as if there was absolutely nothing in the world they would rather be doing than showing off their perfect dog-ness to the world. All those beautiful doggy facial expressions that say to me, "Didja see me? Didja? Didja? Wasn't I good??"

And what a satisfying conclusion to this year's competition. Uno, a perfect little beagle, became the first of that breed to take the Best in Show Ribbon in the history of the Westminster. And look at his cheerful face. How could you not give him the prize?

It makes me want to go home tonight and watch Best in Show again, the absolutely hilarious mock-umentary about dog shows. And while I'm watching it, Mama Cat and Baby Cat will inevitably crawl into my lap and give me that look that says, "Don't even think about it."


Crimson Rambler said...

I saw the Westminster listed in the TV Guide and was sure you would be watching it!

ccw said...

Best in Show is one of the funniest movies.

We always watch Westminster. I was rooting for the gorgeous weimaraner, then the beagle.

We sat there and laughed out loud over the pekingese. It looked like a ball of fur that could somehow smile. We also got a kick out of the gait on the neapolitan mastiff. Oh those big lumbering legs.

Songbird said...

That Uno is a doll.
The commentators were ALMOST as funny as the "Best in Show" spoofers.

Sue said...

I posted about Uno today too, but didn't have a sweet picture like this one. He really is a cutie.

Jim said...

Actually, my favourite part was the little Yorkie-sized terrier who treed the 500 pound black bear . . . or so they said. He didn't actually do it live on the show.

Diane said...

oh Best in Show!! We love that! Gotta see it again!