Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In which Chorus Muses on a Variety of Topics


1. I don't think that Skinny Jeans look good on ANYBODY, with the possible exception of Audrey Hepburn in her prime. If you are wearing Skinny Jeans, and are not Audrey Hepburn in her prime, you might look a little silly.

2. I wonder why it is that the person who wins the Oscar for Best Costume Design always seems to be wearing the ugliest outfit.

3. The response to my hair cut from 6 or 8 people has been along the lines of, "Well it makes sense, now that you're married." I don't know what that means.

4. I am contemplating pursuing more formal training in conflict management. They just seem like they would be useful skills if I'm going to pursue a career in policy development at a high level.

5. Baseball starts soon. This is a very exciting prospect. Barry Bonds seems to be surprised that nobody has phoned his agent begging for the slugger's services in the coming season. Are you kidding me?!

6. The Ottawa Senators are, without question, the strangest hockey team in history. I don't understand how a team that was unbeatable at the beginning of the season has completely fallen apart, losing the last two games by a combined score of 9-0. Call in the sports psychologist!

7. I have twenty minutes to decide if I'm going to postpone my ten o'clock meeting with the person who took over for me at my former job, or just get it over with. She's a very sweet person, but I haven't worked there for two years now, so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to help her. It feels a bit like a waste of time, for both of us.

8. I think I'll just get it over with.

9. I'm wearing pink today - a pink floral skirt, pink t-shirt and a white sweater - because I am sick of the winter and can't wait for spring.


Crimson Rambler said...

tagged you for a meme at my place...the pink sounds very yummy...

Diane said...

that IS quite a comment about the hair. wonder what that means?

Jan said...

Odd comment about the hair. Did you radically change something?

I'm not into pink, but think it looks good on others.

Chorus said...

Well it's a lot shorter than it was, but that's the only radical change!

I think that I need to ask the next person who says it to me what they're talking about.

Thanks for visiting!!