Friday, February 15, 2008

Looking forward to the Weekend!

Lots of reasons to expect that this weekend will be highly enjoyable!
  • The weather is beautiful. The temperature has actually come up above freezing today and the air feels warm. Other than the ice that was encasing my car this morning (we had freezing rain yesterday), this weather is welcome and spirit-lifting.
  • Vacation! Today is my last day at work for 10 days! WH and I will be heading off to the mountains starting next Thursday, and in the interim, I'm going to relax, and get some projects around the house done. It's a much needed respite!
  • The big concert is finally here. WH is rehearsing this morning with orchestra and soloists, and I'm just sitting here waiting to hear how it went. Tonight is the orchestra and choir rehearsal, and then we have dress rehearsal tomorrow afternoon. The concert is Sunday at 3! WH is ready, the choir is as ready as they will ever be... I think that this will be a highlight of my choral experience!

The only downside is that my health is still not 100%. My speaking voice is back close to normal, but I lose about every third note when I try to sing anything. I should be fine for Sunday, but getting there will require good vocal warm-ups for the rehearsals between now and then, and good rest in the downtime.

What's up for you this weekend?


ccw said...

Sounds like a great 10 days! I hope your voice returns to 100% for Sunday.

My weekend will be filled with Girl Scout cookies. I have 1,100 boxes to pick up and sort. Lots of work but I do get to eat cookies.

Jan said...

Have fun! Be well! I'm still at Shalem in MD this weekend.

Diane said...

have fun on vacation. we are looking forward to a little getaway in a week or so. ten days are heavenly. in the meantime, this one was ordinary.