Saturday, February 2, 2008

Frumps Begone!

Well, I had my hair appointment, and the result is really fun! He ended up cutting off about 10 inches of hair; it's amazing how good it feels. Very fresh and new. It looks a little bit like the picture here, but it's shorter and more choppy in the front, and a little bit shorter in the back. I love it. WH loves it. Life is good.

We are going to Colourful University tonight to watch varsity volleyball. I've always enjoyed volleyball, and never thought that it gets as much attention as it deserves, so I'm looking forward to tonight's games. The weather is downright mild compared to what it's been, so it's a nice evening to be out and about.

And then the Super Bowl tomorrow, for which we are going to visit some dear friends and their absolutely adorable little boy.

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Jan said...

So glad you're un-frumped! The wind is blowing so much here that my hair is wildly frumped. Hair cuts are so wonderful. I'm getting one on Friday.

Have fun!