Sunday, August 3, 2008

Accomplishments this Weekend

  • Bought lumber for WH's wine rack project (I made peach cobbler earlier this week, for those of you who caught this post, so... you know... I WIN!)
  • Sang the psalm at church this morning
  • Got numbers assigned to all the church choir members so that I can number music and make sure that when we do pieces more than once, people get their old copy back... this is a very important thing to church choir members, for some reason
  • Started laundry
  • Started a wine journal, a present from MU (thank you!)
  • Watched Juno, again
  • Was hired by Chamber Choir to be their interim business manager until they find a new one (probably a couple of months)
  • Cleaned out our garage
  • Caught another mouse... bringing the total to 4
  • Sat on the couch with WH, both of us with baskets on our heads, to see who could last the longest without laughing
  • Watched three baseball games

And tomorrow's a day off too!


Diane said...

what a list! I'm afraid cleaning out our garage would take more than one weekend. :(

and three baseball games! must be some kind of a record.

Julie said...

Sounds like a great weekend! So who won the basket laugh-off?

Chorus said...

I think we called it a draw!

Mary Beth said...

the music: the markings! It's all about the markings!!

Jan said...

I guess it's good that you've caught four mice, but that sounds like too many to me. It's better that they've been caught and aren't just running around in your house!