Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So, the eigth month of the year is upon us, the last full month of summer (sob), and it promises to be an interesting and fairly busy one for WH and me. Here's what's coming up this month:
  • The National Music Festival is in Prairie City this year, and WH and I are acting as hosts for incoming adjudicators, though WH will be doing most of the work while I'm at my day-job. But we get to go to a reception put on by the lieutenant governor, so that should be lovely!
  • WH's parents, who are very involved in their local music festival and their provincial music festival, will be coming to Prairie City in just a few days to take part in the festival and spend some time with us. We're having dinner on a boat!!
  • WH is playing the organ at the big gala concert in our Awesome Concert Hall on the last day of the festival.
  • I'll be taking another few voice lessons in order to prepare for singing the Mendelssohn "O for the Wings of a Dove" at church on Sunday, August 31st.
  • We both have choir preparation things to do: I have business manager stuff for Chamber Choir and music library stuff from Church Choir; WH has music planning stuff for all three choirs.
  • My position at Colourful U. should be posted, so there will be the application process for that and, hopefully, the final resolution of that whole situation.
  • Hopefully, we will get the final big house organization projects finished in the next few weeks so that there is nothing major left hanging before we get back to our usual crazy schedules in the fall. I think that this largely involves cleaning some not so nice bits of the house (like behind the washing machine... ick), putting together piles of stuff to go to the rummage sale at the church in the fall, and sorting through WH's thesis paperwork to see what needs to be kept.
Speaking of major projects, here's our new wine rack. Didn't WH do a lovely job?! I helped, usually by asking probing questions like, "Did you measure that?" and "Is that the way that's supposed to look?"


Anonymous said...

ninety-six bottles of wine in the rack, ninety-six bottles of WIIIIIIINE, etc.
Congratulations to you both. I hope WH heckled while you were cobbling the peaches?

Julie said...

WH is quite the handyman...the wine rack looks nice!

Jan said...

That ditty that anonymous put there kept going through my head, too! The wine rack looks very nice.