Monday, August 11, 2008

On Sleeping

I really like to sleep. I LOVE to sleep. I have had discussions with some friends and acquaintances who don't like to sleep, who view sleeping as an inconvenient interruption of otherwise busy days, but not me. I LOVE TO SLEEP.

Thankfully, I have also been a really good sleeper for most of my life. I fall asleep easily, I sleep through the night without interruption, and I sleep through thunder storms, sirens, etc. It also takes very little to get me to fall asleep on the couch for a nice nap.

In the last couple of weeks, however, something seems to have interrupted the flow. While I'm still falling asleep pretty easily, I wake up several times a night (last night, every hour) at the slightest noise or movement. For the last few nights, the temperature has been very warm in Prairie City, so I've had difficulty getting a comfortably arranged with blankets, sheets, husband, cats etc. But I don't think that the heat is entirely to blame, as restlessness was starting to become a regular occurence even before the temperature spiked.

And to make matters worse, when I wake up during the night, WH also usually wakes up (he's a much lighter sleeper than I am normally), and then NEITHER of us can get back to sleep and we're both cranky in the morning. Thankfully, he slept through all my turns and shuffles and sighs last night.

I'm hoping that I can get back to my normal schedule before the end of the summer and before the busy-ness of rehearsal and concert season starts up again!


Julie said...

I heart naps, especially the power nap. It makes a world of difference in my afternoon disposition. Hope you're back to sleeping soundly real soon!

Crimson Rambler said...

Cicero said (and if you can't trust Cicero, I mean...) that the best thing was to get up and get into a different (cooler, unwrinkled) bed.