Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Conversation

The Scene: WH and I were eating Baked Tostitos with Salsa and Sour Cream as as snack. We eat this snack quite often, or some close derivative of it.

Chorus: I only want to buy this kind of salsa from now on. I like the corn in it.

WH: You know... I don't think that I really like salsa...

Chorus: Really?! Because... I don't think that I really like salsa either!

WH: (Gasp!) We learned something more about each other. We have something in common!!!


So it's been that kind of revelatory evening. Seriously, neither of us like salsa, and never thought to mention that to the other, in the whole four years we've been together. That's four years of salsa eatin' that we could have avoided...

Note: We have a friend who makes homemade salsa that we exempt from our new-found dislike of salsa. It's yummy.


Mandy said...

everytime I read "WH" I think its Waffle House

I think that is one of the great things about good relationships .. you constantly learn about each other .. even over the long term ... it happens here too .. although many times with things like food I think its our tastes changing for things over time

also, I have been off of salsa lately too ... and really, anything that is tomato based .. like tomato sauce, bbq sauce .. maybe its the acidity?!?!?

Chorus said...

Waffle House... bahaha!

We agreed that it was the acidity, and that kind of watered-down tomato taste. We do like it MIXED with sour cream or yogurt into a creamier kind of dip, but on its own, it's too ... thin.

Crimson Rambler said...

homemade salsa is very nice mixed with cottage cheese, if you like cottage cheese, of course.

ccw said...

I like my own salsa best; which would actually be my mom's salsa.

I am constantly learning new things about my husband. It seems strange that after 9 years there can still be so many little oddities to learn.

I will say that you two are obviously lovely to one another b/c I would have already said something about not liking salsa and it probably would have included the word f*ck or some derivative.