Friday, October 24, 2008



And I have a whole bunch of little miscellaneous bloggy thoughts to share with you today!
  • I wasn't home for the game last night, so can't really blog about it in much detail. But I was happy to see that BJ Upton had a better night than he did in Game 1, going 2-4, which helped the Rays pull out the win at home. I would have started to doubt my prediction if the Phillies had won both games in TB, but I'm sticking with the Rays in 6/7.
  • I wasn't home last night because WH and I went to see the Orphei Drangar, or the Sons of Orpheus, which is probably the best men's choir in the world. They come from Sweden, and are touring North America as a part of the farewell tour of their long-time conductor, Robert Sund. The concert was FANTASTIC. The choir has an incredible range of styles in which they are experts, singing everything from Schubert to an arrangement of Shenandoah, and all of it beautifully.
  • I am going to be in the United States for the election. I'm travelling to City With Lots of Roses next weekend for a conference and don't fly home until the day after America votes. It will be an interesting experience to compare to our most recent federal election.
  • Last thought about the election... when candidates say things like, "God will do the right thing for America," it turns my stomach. This means you.
  • I look at my schedule for next week, and it makes me want to cry. And I think about going to this conference, and I don't want to go. And then I think about getting to go shopping at Macy's, and I do want to go. And then I think about the Canadian dollar, and I don't want to go again.
  • I get to babysit two of the most lovely babies in the whole world tomorrow. CAN'T WAIT.
  • WH gets his stitches out today.
  • We are going to spend most of the weekend marking scores for the upcoming performance of Solomon. WH's hope is that if we can get all the orchestra scores marked beforehand, that will save him MAJOR time in the orchestra rehearsals. But somewhere between the publisher and Prairie City, one-third of the orchestra scores have disappeared. We have all the upper string parts, but no bass, no winds, no timpani, no harpsichord. Aie.
And that's about it for today!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


Shalom said...

Happy weekend and safe travels.

And, believe me, said comment about God doing the right thing for America turns my stomach too.

Crimson Rambler said...

like God is voting, or what?

Mandy said...

that is a lot of information in this post:)

Julie said...

That comment reminds me of a Saturday Night Live sketch about an awards show where people are thanking God for their success. Phil Hartman shows up as God and blasts them for thinking he has nothing better to do than listen to rap and give out awards. It's hilarious. As is this election...