Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oh, blech.

So I've posted once before about our hockey pool and about the fact that this year, I'm the only girl participating. It's really not a big deal to be the only girl; I've known all the other participants for a while, and they're all good guys, so while our pool has a fair amount of trash talking, the chatter always stays focused on the teams themselves.

Until yesterday.

One of our regular participants brought a friend to the pool, a guy that none of the rest of us really know. Fundamentally, this is great; the more participants, the more money! Early this week, my team had a little surge of success, and jumped over a whole bunch of others, including New Guy, to about 5th place in the standings. Somebody else mocked New Guy for being suddenly at the bottom of the pool, and asked how he was enjoying the view. New Guy responded that the view was just fine because there was a skirt above him.

So not, in the grand scheme of things, a REALLY offensive comment, but more just... yucky. And not really the kind of attention that I need or want as a part of my hockey pool participation. So WH, bless his heart, replied quickly that, actually, I was wearing pants, and that I was kicking New Guy's @ss all over the pool. So that was gratifying.

More than I am offended by the comment itself, I'm annoyed that New Guy went in that direction. He's introduced an element of awkwardness to the pool that has never existed before. Blech.


On another note, Baby Cat caught her first mouse last night!


Crimson Rambler said...

Go, Baby Cat! Maybe now you can train her to leave its remains in New Guy's shoes?

Towanda said...

I was gonna say what CR said.

New guy is a jerk.

Mandy said...

ok, it was in bad taste ..but I still chuckled a little when I read it:)

I'm Still Me said...

I'm sorry that New Guy introduced awkwardness. I know how much fun the pool has been for you and also how it has lacked such dynamics. Hopefully it won't happen again. YAY WH!

Where did Baby Cat find her mouse? We've been lucky and not had any mice in our house. Someone told me that mice sense the presence of cats and will avoid houses. I'm hoping this holds true for us!

Chunklets said...

"Bravo" to WH! And also to Baby Cat!

Chorus said...

Still Me, we believe that a family of mice has built a nest in the wall of the garage, right by the door to the house. This mouse came through a teeny-tiny hole in the base of the door, which is unfortunately right next to where Baby Cat sleeps. We set a trap in the garage, and have already caught two others. I think the one that came into the house was very, VERY young, so may not have caught on to the presence of cats yet.