Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Today feels bogged down in little frustrations. And of course, as soon as one or two frustrations make themselves apparent, I start looking for other ones, just to try and improve the efficiences of my frustration.

WH took me to the Dr. this morning to have my blood (and other things) tested in the hopes that whatever it is that is making my hands and feet feel like they're asleep all the time would make itself apparent. While we wait for test results (should appear before tomorrow), I am increasingly frustrated by the symptoms. They're not painful, exactly, but just uncomfortable enough to be impossible to ignore.

A colleague at Colourful U, responsible for a job search for which I applied and was not short-listed, was kind enough to speak to me on the subject last night, and tell me that though I was "long listed," I was lacking HR experience. This fact is not news to me. It's a fact that has been commented upon by my supervisors in my own department. It's a fact they have talked about rectifying when they take my (currently) contract position and make it permanent. They have been talking about doing THAT since April. Though I love my job, today these facts are frustrating.

And other little things that come and that I blow out of proportion. Ne'er mind; the day is almost done and we're in for the evening, with the possible exception of doing some frame shopping. So it's ok.

In order to not dedicate an entire blog entry to whining today, I'll end with some pieces of thankfulness:
-Parents in Law are coming in to town this weekend for a party, for WH's convocation from the Doctor of Music program, for a Symphonic Choir concert in which WH is conducting, for good conversation, and good times!
-There is a bottle of champagne at home that I think we might consume tonight.
-It has been a fair to medium day in terms of productivity, and if that doesn't seem like such a big deal, think how productive YOU would be if both your feet and one hand were asleep for most of the day. ;)


Presbyterian Gal said...

If the blood tests don't show anything, maybe a look at your spine for nerve impingement.

And if it's that, I suggest Yoga if you don't already do it.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

I am Chorus said...

Thank you for the comment!

Blood tests turned up nothing, so we're back to the doctor soon to explore other possibilities. I will mention the nerve impingement, and I thank you for suggesting it!