Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

A busy but satisfying weekend is now behind us!

We held a party on Saturday evening to celebrate WH's graduation from the DMus program at Colourful U, and the event was highly successful! Just the right number of people, lots of nice food (including gourmet cupcakes... yum) and drink, a touching toast from WH's supervisor, and the presentation of his doctoral hood from his parents. They also brought with them from home two of WH's original compositions, written at approximately the age of 7: one a re-write of Oh Canada, and the other a charming ditty entitled "Shhh, my Dad is Sleeping: He is a Snorer." Much hilarity, I assure you!

Dress rehearsal tonight for Symphonic Choir's fall concert on Thursday evening, with about a third of the program conducted by WH. The concert is choir and brass and organ, and should be good fun, though I'm concerned that tonight's rehearsal will be a bit chaotic. We have a guest youth choir who come and go during the program, and there's considerable choreography that goes along with getting them in and out of the choir loft , and a semi-chorus (featuring both WH and me) in and out of the choir loft and the placement of the brass, etc. etc. And as always, I feel as though the choir could have used at least one more rehearsal before the dress, but it always seems to work out just fine!

Thursday is the big day of the week, with the actual convocation ceremony in the afternoon and the concert in the evening. This is a fortuitous opportunity for WH's parents to see him conduct, which they don't get to do very often.

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